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iOS Apps We Recommend:

Dive City Coaster

Go on a 3D ride through dive city - This innovative Virtual Roller Coaster ride puts you right into the experience. Get immersed and feel the speed. Dive is Virtual Reality for everyone

Stereoscopic Tunnel Effect

Stereoscopic Tunnel Effect by Mindlapse - Just Make Sure to TAP anywhere on the screen and flip the stereo switch on, to experience the tunnel's depth in glorious stereoscopic 3D. Have - take a non-stop Journey through a hypnotic tunnel.

The Height

PLEASE NOTE: To start or stop walking, you must LITERALLY look down at your feet for a few seconds. Explore the Imagination of the Dive Inventory Stefen Welker - Almost impossible to describe, we say just try The Height! Navigate a bizarre puzzle based world in this iPhone VR experience, developed by VR pioneer Stefen Welker. The Dive navigation system and silky smooth tracking makes this a pleasure to play. Be sure to plug in those headphones for the full experience.


Hold Your Head Steady (keep what you want to shoot in the crosshairs for 1-2 seconds) and BLAM! Go on the hunt for virtual Ferruginous Ducks. Change your view direction by head movements, as if you were to look around - and fix the crosshairs Moor ducks to shoot. In order to achieve optimal results, set your mobile device in a 3D view box.

Tales From The Minus Lab

FOV2GO Tales From The Minus Lab Simply load the app onto your iPhone or iPod touch and insert it into your 3D viewer. Hold the viewer up to your eyes and "look" around The Minus Lab. You will fly forward in whichever direction you're looking in.